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Obstetricians and Midwives at Odds

Posted on January 25, 2017  in Resources

The divide between midwives and obstetrician has widened as a specific case in which an injured baby’s delayed birth comes t the spotlight chattanooga obgyn. The case highlighted the differences between obstetricians and midwives because of the way the mother and her baby were cared for.

The Health and Disability Commissioner found that the baby’s injuries could have been avoided if the mother’s birthing location was moved much earlier than it actually was. According to reports, the mother was admitted to a rural maternity hospital when she went into labor. After twelve hours and a “prolonged second stage” of labor, an ambulance was arranged to transport the mother to the nearby hospital, a two and a half hour drive away.

Doctors later found that the baby was in an awkward position, necessitating an emergency cesarean section to perform the birth. The baby stopped breathing very shortly after birth and was admitted to neonatal intensive care. The baby also sustained severe bruising on his brow and face, while also suffering a “crush injury” to his nose.

The controversy on the matter is focused on the standard of treatment given to patients. This sparked a heated debate about who should be the primary care takers of patients and families that are expecting. The difference in the philosophy care at the time of birth took center stage.

It has been found that obstetricians take a risk-averse and interventionist approach toward the birthing process. From this standpoint there is a certain emphasis on ensuring the safety of the mother and her child during the entire process. Using technology to monitor what is going on and trying to figure out the reasons for them are all a part of this certain approach. And while these procedures can have their own dangers, convention has certainly favored its predictive nature.

Midwives are less “interventionist” in general. The emphasis is also placed on safety, but midwives believe that this is best achieved through having the most natural birth as possible. However, there are risks here as well. Any kind of an emergency can take place unexpectedly and midwives might not have to staff or the technology to deal with a serious emergency.

The Commissioner has recommended that the two organizations, representing obstetrics and midwifery, work together in order to determine a standard proper natal care and treatment. What happened to the baby was unfortunate, but it raises vital questions about birth injury that need to be answered.

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